CBD Nano Shots (25mg)


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  • Contains 0 Sugars & 0 Calories. Deliciously flavored with natural and artificial flavors
  • For When You Need to Hemp Fast: On empty stomach please allow 5-10 minutes for full effects, nano formulation of this product allows up to 7x more efficient absorption and up to 3-6x faster onset, delivering more Nutrients into the body for more immediate effect, better absorption and bioavailability
  • Natural Organic Hemp Oil: Premium Hemp Extract gives you all of the incredible benefits of this amazing plant. Nutrients from the Hemp Plant* (Not Seeds) have been known to relieve: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Headaches, Anxiety, Stress while helping your Mood, Skin, Joint Pain and improving Brain Function
  • Water Soluble Formula: Can easily be mixed in water, juice, or your favorite cocktail. The 3oz (88ml) Travel friendly bottles design allows for easy fitting in pocket or purse
  • 25mg (Milligrams) = 25,000MG (Micrograms)

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Watermelon Kingdom, Strawberry Kiwi