Delta 8 Spray Tincture (2000mg)


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Getting the full entourage of the CBD and THC from the Full spectrum formulation, you’ll get the best relaxation that you could ask for. With the CBD added, the anxiety that you get and paranoia from the strong effects will not be a factor anymore.


  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Clear head
  • Natural


Organic MCT oil and Delta 8

About Delta 8:

Delta 8 is a powerful cousin to the infamous Delta 9. Both from the cannabis flower, Delta 8 is found in smaller compounds unlike Delta 9. Being found in the smaller compound comes with its own benefits. Very similar to each other, Delta 8 is more of a body sensation, primarily targeted for relaxation. Our delta 8 tincture contains the purest delta 8 distillate and terpenes. Unlike the psychoactive effects of delta 9 THC, you can get the therapeutic benefits of delta 8 THC with a milder buzz.

For Adult Use

Non-intoxicating Less than 0.3% THC. The agricultural improvement act of 2018  (sections 10113-10114).

This product is deprived from hemp and could contain THC.  Keep this out the reach of children.  This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product contains trace amounts of Delta-9 THC, which is on the California Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer and birth defects.

2000mg, 13.5mg per pump.

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Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Black Cherry